Support Trans Rights UK

Trans rights are currently under attack in the UK. The government intends to not act upon the Gender Recognition Act reforms, while also introducing legislation to exclude trans people from women's & men's services, and to prevent under 18s accessing medical support.

Here is how you can help resist this

Write to your MP

Write to your MP to express your support for trans equality, call for reform of the GRA, and a halt to roll backs of trans rights

Write to the Prime Minister

Write to the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, urging him to not act upon the recommendations of Liz Truss

Sign Petitions

The UK government will only respond to petitions on


Attend local protests in your area - make sure to wear a mask, sanitise your hands, and stay at least 2 meters apart. Write emergency contacts, bail fund and legal advice contact numbers on your arms. Take food, water, a portable charger & any medication with you.
If arrested: no comment & get a solicitor that isn't the duty solicitor.

If you are white use yourself as a barrier between the police and trans people of colour (especially black trans people). Protect trans women and trans femmes.

If there isn't a protest near you, or you cannot go for safety or health reasons, host an online protest using the hashtags #TrusstMe, #WontBeErased and #TransRightsAreHumanRights.

Do not share photos of protestors.

Support Trans Led Groups

Support trans organisations, groups and actions that are run by trans people for trans people (& LGB+ people).

1) those that are run by trans people of colour for trans people of colour
2) ones that center trans women and trans young people as they are the focus of current transphobic debate and legislation.

Below are a few suggestions:

Support Trans People

Put your hand into your pocket and support trans funds and trans people directly.

Educate Yourself

These books, articles, videos and resources are all relevant to progressing trans equality, including the ones that are not trans specific.

Resources for Trans people

Resources for cis comrades

And most importantly of all do not let this distract you from Black Lives Matter!!!!!!
Nor from the government's failure to protect disabled and older people from covid19.


They mean to either divide us or exhaust us. We must not let this happen.


Trans rights cannot be human rights until all Black, disabled, children, and elder rights are human rights.

All Black lives cannot matter until Black trans lives matter.

Disabled people and older peoples lives are lives worth living and protecting; the same as trans and Black lives are.